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Hey everyone I’m going to go over most talked about things in the POP Facebook Group that I see.

Why do we have to pay fees when funding or withdrawing in PayOutPro?

I know many members in this group are new to earning online. If you are asking this question maybe POP is the first system you have joined 🙂 welcome to earning online!

For the people that are in other earning opportunities you probably don’t need to read this post seeing you would also pay fees in your other opportunities.

This is why systems charge fees… because PayOutPro have to pay fees to process your withdrawal requests.

On the systems end of things POP charges a 5% fee. This covers fees to convert funds to USD and back to BTC as well as merchant transaction processing fees.

It’s the same as when you have to pay coinpayments fees and if you send someone 100$ and you only have 100$ in your wallet it won’t process as you don’t have funds to cover processing fees. You may need $107 to send $100. This is how prossessors run and how they make money.

Hope that makes sense.

With earning online there will always be fees no way around it especially if you are in a genuine opportunity.

PayOutPro doesn’t make anything when you fund or withdrawal. If this is what your thinking 🤔

PayOutPro follows SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) in particular rules applicable to Ponzi schemes. If online earning opportunities don’t follow the SEC rules they will be shut down or at least suspend US members accounts. This has happened to some very big online opportunities.

What SEC looks for?

A Ponzi scheme needs new added funds to pay out withdrawals. This is your typical revenue share system, investment opportunity or HYIP site business model… basically the majority of sites that offer a higher percentage return…. that mathmatically has to fail.

PayOutPro is getting to be known as the first Profit Sharing site that follows SEC’s rule in the way that 100% of withdrawals are create externally with weekly proof of how funds for withdrawals are created and not through the systems added funds.

To be 100% compliant PayOutPro offers products for the member to buy know as Knowledge Plans. Purchase of these plans funds your account.

Because a product is sold to the members through the the website PayOutPro is not classified as a Ponzi Investment System. This way PayOutPro can do what we like with system funds to create more funds through marketing campaigns and forex trading.

This is how PayOutPro creates the funds for withdrawals and creats a system where 100% of withdrawals are created external and not through the add funds.

Why do plans expire if funds are created externally?

If plans didn’t expire…over time members accounts withdrawals would be much greater then the value of profits we can make. Like a HYIP sites where very fast it becomes fake earnings.

Many earning opportunities that have an internal repurchase wallet turn out this way…Over time it creates fake earnings (a system of just numbers in accounts that don’t meet the about of funds for pending withdrawals)

How does PayOutPro admin team make money.

They earn through login ad purchases, 5% fee when something is sold through our marketplace page and member to member transfers were a fee is charged.

Hope this helps 🙂

And welcome to POP! OR if you want to create a Free Account CLICK HERE

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