You’ll WASTE years of passive income, if you don’t create a website today.

Dead serious.

The #1 mistake in this industry is putting off building your own site.

Hate to be the bringer of bad news. That’s the reality.

dont shoot the messenger1

… Please don’t shoot the messenger!

The GOOD NEWS is that creating a website is easy.

There’s loads of options. Lots of freebie tools. And editors so easy, your grandma could use them.

Where Should You Start?

The first step is to register a domain name.

My personal favourite website for domains is

Another alternative is

For this guide, we’re going to be working with godaddy.

So go to and set up an account. (2 mins approx)

Step #2 is finding a domain name.

If you’re struggling with a domain name take a look at

However, I do recommend picking a domain name based on your a niche related keyword. The idea here is to find a site topic that will have lots of search potential.

Nobody wants to create an entire site, and then find out that nobody cares.

Which is the reality that many of us run into with niche sites.

It may even be worth your while to dive in to an industry.

A site based on:

  • Make Money Online
  • Health
  • Fitness

Is never going to struggle for potential viewers or customers.

The challenge is to get these eyeballs to YOUR site.

We’ll cover this later…

For now, head to and use the Domain finder tool and load in the a domain name you like.

Here’s what it’ll look like:















You can find this tool right at the homepage.

Very easy to use.

Once you search for a domain name, it’ll take you to the next page.

Here’s what you’ll see:














In this case, I chose to search for “myamazingwebsite”

The tool is now telling me that:


….are available

This is where you should make a judgement call.

There is no SEO benefit for having a “.com” website.

As much as everybody loves having one. Although, there might be branding benefits to having a “.com” domain extension. So I completely understand when people NEED TO HAVE a site with a com ending.

In my case, I like having a “.com” or a “.info”

So I’ve decided on

That’s the domain we’ll be working with for the remainder of this guide.

Step #3 is Getting Hosting for your Domain

Trust me – there’s no way around this one.

Yes, you can get a free site set up with Blogger, Wix, Weebly, etc.

But let me ask you this…have you seen anyone make good money from a free website?

Hosting your site is going to cost you about five dollars per month. If you can’t do that, I question your dedication. Or any intention to actually make this work.

You need hosting – get it!

But where?

My favourite place to get hosting is from

Don’t buy it just yet!!

You want an explanation for why to pick them as a host. .

When I started online I tried many different hosting services.

From everything I tried, GoDaddy was the best:

  • for site speed
  • up time (almost never down)
  • overal reliability

The most powerful reason even over the points above is that GoDaddy support is world class.

They respond nearly instantly, and really help solve any issues.

Having that support could be CRUCIAL if something happens to one of your sites.

And you have to imagine, an issue will probably come up at some point.

GoDaddy will deal with it for you.

Copy your coupon code……search Google for this!

First, sign up to a hosting plan


I usually recommend the “Economy Plan” if you are only building 1 website….otherwise purchase the Deluxe Plan.

You’ll just need to fill out some basic information, and then check off some boxes.

In the next section, they’ll ask you about “additional services”.

You don’t need any of these add-ons.

Ignore all the options and move to the coupon section.

Now you can add in your coupon code and save 20%-30%

And boom.

That’s it.

You now have website hosting.

You’re only a couple minutes away from having your own site up and running online.

The LAUNCH – Connecting Your Domain to Hosting

At this point, we have purchased two separate services from GoDaddy.

We bought a Domain Name + Web Hosting

Our next step is to connect these two services together…..and having both of these purchased from GoDaddy makes the next step so much easier that linking from other Domain Name providers.



There’s just one more step, and then we’ll start our new WordPress site.

We need to add the domain to our GoDaddy C-Panel.

This is easy.

In your control panel, scroll down to the “Domains” section.

You want to click on “Add-On Domains”

Right here:


Click on that Addon button.

Remember, you have to scroll down to find this section. If you don’t see it, then you’re either:

  • not in your c-panel
  • not scrolled down the page

The important part is that you enter the domain you just registered.

It’ll look like this:


And there you have it.

A domain that’s 100% connected to your hosting.

What’s next?

Click on the “Get Started with WordPress” button at the top of your Godaddy C-Panel

Looks like this:


Follow a few easy steps when you click on the icon, and you’ll have a WordPress site you can call your own.


That’s it.

Congratulations!!! You have a website!

Final step is to select a WordPress Theme that suits your niche….that I will cover in a separate guide….but research and install and test a few Themes. There will be tutorials from the developers of most themes. Pick simple and current….that way the learning curve is not steep and being recently developed the Theme is going to cover most of your needs.

Acknowledgements: Brendan Mace…whose guidance and mentoring has been invaluable


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June 2021


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